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Tips for gassy babies

What is my most frequently asked question?


How do I help my baby not be so gassy?

Let's talk about ways to try and prevent it or at least decrease it. Regardless of breastfeeding or bottle feeding, if you notice your baby is gulping milk then they are swallowing air. This usually occurs at the beginning of the feeding when they are most hungry. So, burping about 5 min into feeding will help and then burping as needed. This means if you are noticing more gulping or if they are acting hungry but pull away.

When you are breastfeeding and your milk lets down, the baby will try and keep up with the flow of milk. You will hear gulping and/or a high pitched noise, all signs that the flow is fast and they will need to burp soon.

When bottle feeding if you hear gulping and/or a high pitched sound, the upright and side lying position is helpful and will allow baby to handle the flow. The baby is placed in the sitting position on your lap and facing to the right, then place them at a slight angle out so they are not sitting straight up. Also check the nipple flow size as it might just be too fast for your infant.

Techniques for burping

  1. Up on your shoulder but be mindful they will get sleepy in this position quickly

  2. On your lap, facing to the right, place hand under jaw line (to support the airway and neck) and sit up and lean forward slightly. Babies will always push back so the slightly forward will help.

When burping you can alternate patting and rubbing and gently move their position to help them get rid of the air bubble. If they will not burp, lay the baby down across your lap for a minute and massage their tummy then slowly sit them back up. If you cannot get a burp, continue to feed and just try again later. All these interventions will keep your baby less full of air and less gassy.

If your baby is gassy, bicycling the legs while laying on their back, massaging their tummy, and even a warm cloth across the tummy can all help baby pass gas.

Consult your pediatrician for formula changes, decreasing dairy in your diet for breastfed babies and suggestions of meds to help for gas. Also, know that incorrect latch for breastfeeding babies can cause baby to swallow more air when feeding. If your baby has been crying loudly then be aware they will swallow in air at that time and need to be burped.

Please feel free to set up a zoom session with me for an evaluation on what specifically is going on with your baby and what interventions are needed to remedy this.

Remember every baby is different.

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