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Every baby is different and so are families preferences!

I always tell mums, every baby is different and so are your preferences. It's not one size fits all. Everyone's pregnancy and birth story is different. When mums reach out to me, I listen to the entire story. What have you been struggling with and what has and has not worked. I then formulate options for you to incorporate in your day. This will get you back on track where you feel more in control, thus starting to fix what you are struggling with. Many times I will give several options so you actually pick what you are comfortable with. A lot of mums will alternate the options I give as it best suites their day.

The flexibility I offer also reduces the stress and you don't feel so trapped and regimented.

Many mums compare themselves to others which does cause more stress, it's hard not to. Also comparing siblings is another stressor which will give you more anxiety. So the feeling of getting back in control is a big plus. I offer a complementary follow up to see if we need to tweak a few things and make sure you are in a good place physically and mentally.

I offer my 23 yrs experience as a level 3 NICU RN. I have seen so much in my career, I can offer realistic options that work. I have trained so many fellow NICU RNs that are now wonderful nurses. With every NICU baby I have taken care of, I have also trained the parents so they can be comfortable with their babies so they can thrive at home.

My philosphy is to educate, support and encourage growth in a nonjudgemental and relaxed atmosphere. So, if you are having any concerns with yourself or your baby, please reach out to me. I can help with things including establishing and increasing milk supply, reflux babies, fussy babies, establishing your day and night routine just to mention a few things. I help with newborns, infants, toddlers and NICU graduates.

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