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Did you know we offer short & long term care ?

Need a break but have a NICU baby at home? The NICU is exhausting and the time blends together into a blur. Managing NICU life and home life is draining. When you are finally home and adjusting to having your baby 24/7, you realize it's hard to take a break.

Who could you be most comfortable with to care for your infant? A NICU RN of course, they have cared for your infant in the NICU and they are experienced. They know how to care for and feed a NICU baby correctly and safely so you don't have to worry.

Taking a break is so important for you and your family. You can run errands, go to appointments, spend time with your other kids, have dinner with your husband, take a nap or sleep at night. Whatever break you need or want, you can take it without all the worry. You will have peace of mind when you know a NICU RN is caring for your infant.

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