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Reflux babies!

There a multiple reasons why babies reflux, the list is long. Here is a list of some of the contributing factors and interventions to help reduce reflux. Always remember every baby is different and so are the circumstances." One size fits all scenario does not work for babies", it's all individualized.

poor latch poor suck tongue tie

drinking milk to fast uncoordinated feeder gulping air

needs pacing slower flow nipple needs upright/side lying

with feeds positioning

needs chin/ needs frequent held upright 20-30 min

cheek support burping after feeds

rice cereal reflux meds These last 2 are with pediatrician, OT & speech


It could be several of these factors or all. It is best to reach out to a professional like myself, OT, speech and your pediatrician. Once evaluated, they can decide what is best for your infant.

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