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Parents of multiples, what’s the best advice?

The best advice I give to parents of twins and triplets in the NICU for preparation of home life is time management. What does time management mean? It means you need to master being efficient. Once you do this, your life will be a whole lot easier.

Diapering and dressing; have everything you need, this should take just a few minutes to complete with each baby. Feedings; bottle or breast, have everything you need including burp cloths and your glass of water. Burping should not take more than a minute or so. Bottle feeding, you can prepare the bottles in the morning so everything is ready to go for the day. Breast feeding is usually easier to tandem feed (Feed at the same time) and alternate the babies on each breast. If you have triplets, then tandem 2 and someone can bottle feed the 3rd and keep alternating who gets the bottle. Feeding at the same time usually means they nap at the same time, which will allow you time to rest between feedings.

Bathing; preheat the bathroom, by running a hot shower first. Place your baby soap and lotion in the bath to warm them while the bath is filling. Have the clothes and diapers ready and put the bath towels in dryer to warm them ahead of time. It will be a little crazy and exhausting at first but you will be surprised on how smoothly it goes once you get your system down.

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