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Newborns...quick tips diapering It doesn’t have to be a challenge!

You think it would be easy to put a diaper on a baby right? There is actually a skill that goes with it, here are the steps to make your life easier.

Be prepared: Put the new diaper under the old one, so when you take the old diaper away then the new one is already in position. Also when the cold air hits they usually pee; with boys the penis will start to point up, have a wipe ready to place on top of the penis to catch the spay, with girls there is no warning.

Cleaning: Always wipe downward (front to back)with girls.

All babies, don’t forget to clean all the creases including the groin area where the thighs and pelvis meet.

Stimulation: Be mindful that if you are holding the legs up and you are wiping the rectum then you will stimulate them to poop. So just lower the legs a bit and either wipe gently or just pat with the wipes.

Stretching those legs out: All you have to do is put gentle pressure on the top of the thigh, the baby will automatically straighten their legs out. If you try pulling the leg down, the baby immediately pulls them back up.

Speed: This is an important one, the longer you take, the more opportunity they make more of a mess. You will get faster with practice.

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