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Never enough time in the day!

Having a new baby at home is busy and can be exhausting. Then add, not enough sleep, the other kids, household activities, work and commitments. It certainly feels like you need more hours in the day to get things accomplished. The first week you are home, just focus on the basic needs. Obviously, the baby comes first but you need to nap, drink plenty of fluids and eat. How do you do this? Try and nap when baby naps, if you have other kids see if they can do quiet time. Say yes to only family and close friends who have offered to come in and help. Keep visitors at bay until after the first few weeks as you will be exhausted. They can watch the other kids and the baby if you need to go lay down. The other siblings can go spend the night or someone can come spend a few days to help. Whatever works for your family.

Eating and drinking is hard with so much going on, keep you glass full of water and just keep sipping it. Have healthy snacks available that are quick to eat and you don't have to prepare, egg bites, peanut butter and crackers, protein bars. Accept the offer of family and friends help, they can bring over meals so you just have to heat it up.

When it comes to baby, if someone is available to change the baby and then hand you the baby to breast feed that would be helpful as you won't feel as tired. If you are bottle feeding, then take turns on getting up to the baby.

Household chores, just keep things picked up as best of possible. Your house will not be spotless, just accept that, it's not a priority. Working and commitments are hard to balance. If you get maternity leave and so does your husband/partner then that is optimal. Try and delegate as much as possible for work.

After the first week, you will start to settle in with your new life style. You will still be tired and trying to balance things but know that the first week is the hardest and it will slowly fall into place.

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