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Helpful tips for infants struggling to gain weight!

All babies lose about 7-10% in the first week of life, the goal is usually be back to birth weight at 14 days. Every baby is different and so are the reasons why they are struggling to gain weight.

  1. Keep the ENTIRE feeding session to 30 min max time. After 30 min the infant tends to be burning more calories than taking in.

  2. Breast feed as long as you can on one side, burp the baby then follow up with the other breast. Reason being, the foremilk is first(more volume) then the regular milk and hind milk at the end( higher fat content).

  3. Sometimes pediatricians will want you to offer a supplement after breastfeeding. So if you pump about 10 min after each breast feeding session, that milk will be your supplement for your next feeding. Which means you are supplementing with your own breast milk versus formula. Keep in mind if you have a preemie you may be using a higher calorie supplement.

  4. Cluster your cares; diapering and feeding, then let your baby sleep between feeds. This helps conserve energy and burn less calories.

  5. Do not let the baby go more than 3 hours between feeds. At the 3rd hour wake the baby up and feed.

Reasons why your baby is struggling with weight gain vary but in general terms.

1. preemie

2. large for gestation

3. small for gestation

4. low milk production

5. difficulty transferring milk while breastfeeding, poor latch, weak suck, small chin, tongue tie

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