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Babies are pretty tough, despite their size!

Just do the best you can and it will all get a little easier as time goes on. Get your system down, whatever schedule works for you and your baby. Knowing your baby and what they are telling you comes with time.

What does your system look like? Anything you want, it is your preference. You pick what flows best for you to make your day easier. The choices are endless; morning, afternoon and evening routines, feedings, play time, snuggle time, tummy time, bath time, outside time. It sometimes takes a little while to see what really works well, so you can tweak a few things and see what fits best. It can range from very relaxed to very scheduled, depending on what type of person you are, but always give yourself a little wiggle room.

Getting to know your baby comes with time. What is your baby trying to tell you? It is a process, is it time to feed or did you just feed and they need to burp one more time? Is the baby tired of the position they are in, on the floor (back or tummy time), bouncer, swing or the crib and need a change in scenery? Is your baby just bored, tired, hungry, needs a diaper change or just wants to be picked up and loved on. Their little cry is their voice and you will soon know what they are telling you but it does take time.

So do the best you can and know it will get easier.

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